Economic Snapshot

This semi-annual publication presents a smart, concise and optimistic synopsis on the state of the economic sectors and housing market. Arm your clients and prospects with the latest forecast and findings from some of our area’s most renowned economic and real estate consultants. The back page is customized for you. State market statistics, include a personal letter, feature listings or supply a summary of your services and accomplishments.

Why is it so effective?

  • Presents you as the agent with your finger on the pulse of the market
  • Reiterates your role as a trusted advisor in real estate
  • Encourages “sideline” buyers to purchase now as it extols the virtues of current real estate opportunities
  • Keeps you in front of potential clients with copies to distributed at listing presentations, open houses and seminars
  • Use the electronic version of your customized publication for internet marketing or on social media
  • Encourages agents in other parts of the country to utilize you as their “go-to” referral agent for Arizona real estate

MPES 2023 - Starting at ONLY $1.73 per piece

  • Digital only version now available for $100!
  • Personalized back page with your contact information / headshot / agency-brokerage logo(s)
  • Shows sale statistics by city & community
  • Fully customizable back page (custom design fees vary).
  • Can include digital ISSUU flipbook link and graphic for promoting on your social media platform
  • Full color 4-page snapshot on card stock is 11 x 17 folded to a flat size of 8.5 x 11, can be mailed directly to your farm or sphere.
  • No subscription
  • Call Darin at 480-921-0511 to get started today!


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