Pie Labels

One of our most popular holiday offerings is our personalized pie labels. These stickers are a great tool to get your name in front of the clients you are showing some appreciation to.

The deadline to get your stickers printed by Thanksgiving is to submit by Wednesday the 17th of November and approved by Friday the 19th of November.

Step One: Pick Your Cut Style & Quantity

8″ Round

25 pieces – $45 – $1.80 EA

50 pieces – $60 – $1.20 EA

100 pieces – $75 – $0.75 EA

6″ Fluted

25 pieces – $39 – $1.56 EA

50 pieces – $55 – $1.10 EA

100 pieces – $69 – $0.69 EA

6″ Wedge

25 pieces – $19 – $0.76 EA

50 pieces – $35 – $0.70 EA

100 pieces – $50 – $0.50 EA

Step Two: Pick Your Design Style







Note: The personalized pie sticker pricing includes setup and design customization
with your name and number. Further customization is available for an additional design fee.

Production Details & Deadlines:
All orders approved by each Friday will be available for pick-up the following Friday.

Step Three: Place Your Order

Use the form to submit your order and we will contact you shortly!

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Prime Source is reliable, fast and accurate on any jobs sent. Not only are the employees professional but they are extremely amiable and will help you with any questions or design you may have. We have been doing business with Prime Source for over 13 years and there has never been a job too small or too large for them to handle.

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